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User Dashboard

The manuPLUS User Dashboard provides a single screen view of key solution and application metrics which get updated on a daily basis. Concider this as the cockpit of a pilot which flashes status lights and updates before a takeoff. essential tool for any Key user on Manugistics or JDA applications and saves them hours searching through the pages or databases for answe to questions. Can be extended and configured to user requirement


manuPLUS cheatsheets draws a quickroadmap of the applications with indicators on any possible roadbloack or stumblingblock . Consider this as a learners guide to what should be avaoided and whats the best way to navigate and work within the Manugistics and JDA solutions.


Lifecycle Generator

manuPLUS lifecycle generator calculates and provides the essential inputs for automatically creating lifecycles for new products. The user now does not have to manually go through the lifecycle generation process on a regular basis, our tool does it for you !.

Checklist Generator

manuPLUS checklist generator helps you generate customised checklist for various business schenarios as per your requirements . Just enter the initial parameters and detailed checklists will be created for you .

Test Case Generator

manuPLUS TestCase generator helps you generate Use Cases and test scripts for a standard set of  Test Requirements for manugistics / JDA applications .

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