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manuPLUS Plug & Play Modules

manuPLUS teams are constantly building Plug and Play modules to help make the lives of Manugistics and JDA users easier. We test these out  in real life scenarios and provide these are add-ons which require minimum , investment , implementation time and user training.A few of our examples are given below. We also build modules as per your requirement or design.

Some plug & play modules:


Auto DDE : This functionality auomatically generated DDEs on History based on user specified configuration. Excellent tool during initial stages of projects where History loading and cleaning is a complex task
History Generator : This functionality is extremly useful in automatically generating history as per user parameters. especially usefull where initial history may not be available and the standard application functionality is not enough. 
Historical OH archiver : This functionality enables you to store Historical OH quantity as defined by user parameters. Now the User does not have to switch between applications to check basic data.
Custom Exception Tool : This functionality is extremly useful as a add-on to the standard exception generation functionality in Demand and give the user the ability to create custom exceptions based on User parameters.