Offshore Resources


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Onsite Resourcing

manuPLUS has the flexiblity to bring in Onsite Talent when you need it. Whether your needs are for project resources , short term relief or interim staffing, we provide highly experienced experts in JDA and Manugistics skills , Technical , Functional , Change Management or Program Management.


manuPLUS Mentors usually are very senior Supply Chain professionals who have multiple years of experience at the Director/CXO level managing teams which have been involved with either implementation or usage of Manugistics / JDA applications.

Mentors are excellent to be brought in as a interim executive to manage supply chain programs ewlated to JDA / Manugistics applications

Program Managers

These highly-seasoned PMP-certified professionals have the extensive project and program management experience required to effectively lead programs of all sizes and complexities. They have the stakeholder management expertise to interact with your management executives to achieve success for your program as well as provide constructive and objective recommendations on ways to improve your project management environment. Our Program Managers can also support your strategic initiatives including acquisition and vendor management.

Project Managers

Our Project Managers typically have managed multiple supply chain projects across a wide spectrum of industries and business functions. Productive from day one, they are well-versed in the application of project management, product development, and systems methodologies with access to all of our industry best practice processes, templates, and models.



Functional Consultants

Our Functional Consultants are experts in Manugistics and JDA Applications and have typically completed three to five complete implementation cycles. Most of them are also well experienced with other supply chain applications like SAP APO etc and have been involved in projects which involved change management , user training , functional design and configuration.

Technical Specialists

manuPLUS Technical Specialists are experts in all technologies , databases and architectures related to Manugistics and JDA Applications.

They are also experts at issues resolution , debugging , test and SDLC methodologies.