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Standard Functionality Enhancements

manuPLUS can help you enhance your current functionality from your current Manugistics / JDA applications . Need to extend a DC level forecasting solution to a store level solution problem . Need to configure a supplier ordering solution as problem at all. The fact is that there are multiple ways that a standard Manugistics / JDA application can be used  and most users only use a part of the functionality...with large benefits to be gained using their existing solutions with minimal investments.

Bespoke Functionality Enhancements

Sometimes a clients system and solution requirements mean that they need to reconfigure or create a bespoke element to ensure a best fit between the Manugistics / JDA solutions and their legacy systems. At times this is only realised much later after the actual implementation of the Manugistics / JDA applications. Our teams are expert at designing and developing efficent  bespoke solutions which can be installed with minimum intrusion and implementation time required

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