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Our Focus Areas

manuPLUS has experts and resources in JDA / Manugistics in most versions of these applications.








Demand Planning

JDA / Manugistics Demand
JDA / Manugistics Demand Classificationt
JDA / Manugistics Market Manager
JDA / Manugistics Monitor
JDA / Manugistics Promotions Management
JDA Enterprise Planning
JDA Assortment Planning

Supply Planning

JDA/ Manugistics Fulfillment
JDA/ Manugistics Supply 
JDA/ Manugistics Master Planning
JDA/ Manugistics CPP
JDA/ Manugistics Master Planning
JDA/ Manugistics Sequencing
JDA/ Manugistics Auto Load Builder
JDA Allocation

JDA Retail Planning

JDA Space Planning
JDA Range Planning
JDA Shelf Assortment
JDA Merchandise Management

Other Applications Areas

JDA/ Manugistics Transport
JDA/ Manugistics Reporting
JDA/ Manugistics Delivery Manager
JDA/ Manugistics Strategy
JDA/Manugistics Collaborate

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