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manuPLUS consulting overview

manuPLUS Consulting is focussed around providing services related to the Manugistics and JDA suite of Supply Chain Applications.

Successful businesses using Manugistics and JDA applications are clear about  the need to develop their internal capability in these tools, and make them a key diffrentiator buy ensuring best practice and fitment to their legacy systems.

We have expertise in all areas and versions of of Manugistics and JDA Applications  (both , Functional and Technical) . We also have a network  of global Expert Network who are pooled in from time to time. We believe in building long term  relationships and will even take on managed Centre Of Excellence (COE) for Manugistics and JDA applications.

Our approach combines research, consultancy, training and measurement to help our clients develop better competencies in Manugistics and JDA.


Why do you need manuPLUS ?

Manugistics and JDA Applications are not plug and play applications which can be implmented once and then forgotten. They need constant nurturing in the areas of application , data , user practices and business process. The companies which manage to derive the maximum benefits are the ones that realise this and invest in capturing and building a internal knowledgebase and capability to get sustaines benefits.

manuPLUS consulting provides you with focussed services on your journey towards internal capability development . And with our custom developed tools , templates ,methods and practices we can ensure you are one of the best companies when it comes to your Manugistics / JDA solutions.

Our approach is relevant across a broad range of industries and with our global footpring and consulting network we can serve you in the remotest of locations.

A quick look at the factors below will give a view on some of the factors that may threaten your ROI from your Manugistics and JDA solutions .